Custom Machine Design
Below are a few sample designs, click on the image for a detail picture:

Custom Picture 23  Customer Hinge Assembly

Custom Picture 22.jpg  Hinge Assembly Station for cars and trucks

Custom Picture 24.JPG  Spot Welding Line for 22 drawer sizes for tool box

Custom Picture 25.JPG  Spot Welding Tooling for existing machine for Lincoln Back Seat

Custom Picture 26.JPG  Close-up of welding fixture

Custom Picture 27.JPG  

Assembly Station for Cover and Hinges for copier using 4 sensors to control the correct placement of the hinge

Custom Picture 28.JPG  Assembly station for Cover and Hinges in loading/unloading position

Custom Picture 29.JPG  Pen Cover Automatic Assembly Machine with 6 stations and 3 bowl feeders

Custom Picture 30.JPG  Timing Belt slit machine designed and built by TC Engineering Ltd.

Custom Picture 31.JPG  Closed-up view of the Timing Belt Machine

Custum Picture 32.jpg  Glove Compartment Cover Assembly Machine

Custom Picture 33.JPG  Car Window Mechanism Assembly Line, Test Station

Custom Picture 34.JPG  Car Window Mechanism Assembly Station

Custom Picture 35.JPG  Car Window Mechanism Test Station


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